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How to crack MPPSC in the First Attempt?

by | Jun 3, 2022 | MPPSC

The MPPSC is a state government agency that conducts civil services examinations every year. Madhya Pradesh state service hires hundreds of aspirants. Each year the recruitment receives lakhs of applicants each fighting for the position. This shows the examination can be quite complicated. You need to have a proper idea of how to study and take the support to improve your chances of clearing the exam. MPPSC preparation is not for the faint hearts. You will have to dedicate your entire time to the preparation. Starting with MPPSC coaching in MP, undoubtedly, will be pretty beneficial as professional support comes with many benefits. They will guide you in the right direction and help you understand every aspect. Right from the preparation stage to the MPPSC notes, they will be there to provide you with everything to boost your confidence and chances of clearing the examination.

Preparing for the MPPSC exam

MPPSC preparation requires much effort and dedication. If you are ready for it, you have to develop a good plan that will allow you to use your time to the very best. To begin with, you need to understand what are your weaknesses and work on them appropriately. You will have to work hard and stay dedicated given the competition level. Certain tips will be helpful for you to prepare for the examination in the proper manner.

1. Study as per the syllabus

It is vital that you have a clear understanding of the examination syllabus. History is the key to know as what you have to learn. Having a fair idea about the lessons will allow you to break down all the essentials and use your time to the very best. The examination will consist of two papers carrying a maximum mark of 400. As the exam will be objectively based, the candidate need not have to go much in detail. They are required to read the NCERT books from class 6 to 10th and check out the previous year’s question papers to better understand.

2. Clear the basics

The candidate needs to work extra to improve their basic knowledge. Rather than just understanding the entire subject as a whole, they need to have a good source of information and get a clear idea by referring to multiple books. Having a proper understanding of the basics is vital to answering the questions correctly and getting good

3. Current affairs

It is vital to read at least two newspapers regularly. It will help them get knowledge about the important news and the features going around in India. Further visiting the website once or twice will be helpful for you. The current affairs magazine will keep you up to date. You can now download multiple mobile applications which will allow you to play current affairs quizzes..

4. Mock Test

Solving the previous year’s question papers not only will health improve the understanding of the examination but also help manage time in the hall. The students are required to solve as many question papers as possible as it will give them a clear idea of what sections can be attempted at first in the exam. Also, it will help avoid any time wastage while answering such an important paper.

5. Revision

No doubt, it is quite an essential step in MPPSC preparation. You can consider making MPPSC notes for the examination, which can be used at the last moment for revising all the essentials. Also, going through the notes at least 3 to 4 times before the examination will freshen up the memory and ensure everything is well prepared. Of course, you must not avoid skipping any topic while revising.

6. Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests will require intensive practice. This is why you must keep on doing it over and over again. Some of the main topics of aptitude tests include mental ability, comprehension, logical reasoning, etc. To understand the test, you need to research as much as possible. In addition, it will help improve your answering skills.

7. Proper Sleep

MPPSC preparation will give you a lot of trouble and headache. But you must avoid overloading yourself. You need to sleep or else during the examination you will feel lazy and won’t be able to answer. Besides sleeping, you need to avoid going through the books at the last moment. It is your notes that will be helpful to freshen up the memory.

MPPSC coaching in MP, no doubt, will be the best for you to start preparing for the examination. You need to find a good institute to help you with the notes. Herein research and recommendations will be worth the best. It is your hard work that will help you clear the examination. Also, go through various practice papers and previous year’s examination questions to understand the pattern. Keep practicing them as it will allow you to manage your time correctly on the main exam date. Further, there are many books available in the market which can be pretty helpful for you to prepare. But you will need to avoid considering them all. Choose only those books that the professionals have recommended. It will allow you to keep the hectic schedule low and prepare the best without bothering yourself.


When starting with MPPSC 2022 preparations, you need to understand taking coaching is quite vital. It will allow you to improve your chances of clearing the examination. PrayasKSG is the one you can trust for professional services. They have an experienced professional who will guide and instruct in the right direction. As the best, they will do it all to help you understand the basics and improve your knowledge. With expert help, you will work on your weaknesses and begin the prep right on time to improve your chances of clearing the examination in your first attempt.

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